[Review] The Joe Rogan Experience

I’ve been a huge fan of comedian Joe Rogan and his podcast,  The Joe Rogan Experience for almost 2 years now, so I want to do a little review for you guys.  Maybe not as much of a review than a recommendation.  I have found this podcast a continuing source of inspiration and entertainment in my life.


I knew of Joe Rogan ever since he hosted the TV show Fear Factor .  I never thought of him as any more than that.  I didn’t know he was a stand up comedian and from what I could tell, I thought he was kinda douchey.  Years later I found out that the Fear Factor guy is also a color commentator for the Ultimate Fighting Championship .  That only increased the douche factor for me.

 A couple of years ago I was surfing YouTube and I found some clips from interviews and Joe Rogan’s podcast.  I was kind of shocked to find out he had some very smart things to say.  He talked about some very deep subjects and as a student studying philosophy in university, I found this very interesting.  I became a regular listener to his podcast ever since.

The show is usually 2-3 hours long, so the show has helped me tremendously in killing time at monotonous jobs.  The length and the casual format of the show really helps me getting to know Joe and the guests in a more personal way that a traditional TV or radio show.  Joe’s style of speaking is incredibly motivating and inspirational for me.  I can attribute the recent positive changes in my life to the inspiration in his podcast.  I’m eating healthier, running marathons and pursuing passions.  At times it has felt a little “culty”, to a point where its a little uncomfortable.  But I think everyone needs a positive role model in their life, mine just happens to come from the internet.

A motivational and unconventional personality such as his, offers a form of the ideal fulfilled, happy man.  A stand-up comedian such as Joe, is someone who is also unashamedly himself in the ways he expresses himself online and onstage.  On average he produces 2-3 shows per week and it would be very difficult to produce that much conversational material without being true to oneself.   He is someone who above all expresses unconditional love towards his family, friends and people around him.  He is someone who is uncompromisingly able to pursue his passions in life with martial arts and comedy.  He has the utmost respect for the physical vehicle of life, the body.  He has helped me understand the incredible importance of feeding the body properly and keeping it in peak physical shape.  His podcast demonstrates an insatiable hunger for knowledge.

He continually has incredibly interesting, ideologically varying, intelligent guests such as Sam Harris , Neil deGrasse Tyson and Graham Hancock on the show.  Complementary to that, he expresses total humility of knowledge to what the possibilities of what the universe can be.  Occasionally he will have a crackpot Ufologist or Sasquatch hunter on the show, but always with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Without being tied to the very often compromising restraints of academia he is fearlessly able to talk about his responsible exploration into the nature of consciousness through introspective meditation and mind altering substances.  He claims to be the bridge between the meatheads and the potheads.  This is a very unique angle to take, because people do seem to get pigeon-holed in a social label very often.

It’s great to see high-profile individuals attempt to shatter stereotypes of people who take great care of their body and those who incorporate the responsible use of mind altering substances in their life.  By no means does he unconditionally encourage their use, but can objectively realize the potential of the physical, chemical realities of consciousness, positive and negative.

The podcast has just recently recorded the 400th episode and doesn’t show any sign of stopping.  All in all I couldn’t recommend this podcast enough.  If you’re looking to get your shit together or just hear honest conversation about interesting subjects this podcast is for you.

Here is a drawing I did this summer as a tribute to the podcast.



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